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Sun Dry Top Coat by HMB

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Special formulation that allows this Top Coat an extremely strong grip and a glossy finish. It dries in the sunlight without the use of UV light or with a UV lamp. The more the top coat will be exposed to the sunlight, the more it will harden.

Does not contain: formaldehyde, toluene, ketones, DBP, polyurethane, camphor, coal tar, lead, mercury, hydrocarbons, phthalates, petrochemical solvents, parabens, aromatic fragrances, gluten and wheat-by products, animal cells.

DIRECTIONS: Apply the nail polish you like, wait for at least 2 minutes. Then apply one coat of the Top Coat Sun Dry and expose your nails in the direct sunlight or use the UV lamp for 3 minutes.

SIZE: 11ml